Integrating Inwemo on your website is quick and easy. Just include the following script-tag on your website and you're ready to go!

<script src="" website_id="YOUR_WEBSITE_ID_HERE"></script>

We suggest adding the script at the end of the page's body to reduce the loading time of your page. Alternatively you can add the defer attribute.

Please don't forget to replace the webiste id with your own - you can generate one in your dashboard. Make sure to enter the correct URL or otherwise the miner won't start. You can still test the script on your local machine. To do this make sure to use localhost or as your local server IP.

You should now see our consent dialogue on the bottom right of your website. Please check the browser console for any warnings or errors. If you did everything correctly there should be no messages in it.


Our script has many ways to customize it's appearance and behaviour. Please only use the methods described in the following section. Other changes changes you make might be a violation of our terms of service. When in doubt, just contact us.


Parameter Values Function
theme type: string
options: dark, light
default: dark
Changes the visual appearance of the consent dialogue.
lang type: string
options: en, de, ru
default: en (english)
Sets the language for the consent. More options coming soon.
resource_use type: number
options: 0 - 1
default: 0.75
Sets how much resources (CPU power) Inwemo uses. Adjust this cautiously and depending on how resource hungry your website is.
autostart type: boolean
default: true
Decides if the Inwemo should start right after loading the script or wait to be called.

You can use these parameters like this:

<script ... theme="light" lang="de"></script>

Because the above way is considered hacky by some, you can also implement Inwemo like this:

  const InwemoSettings = {
    website_id: 'YOUR_WEBSITE_ID',
    lang: 'de',
    theme: 'light'
<script src=""></script>


To control when Inwemo runs and stops you can use its API.

Our API is very lightweight and only has three functions: startInwemo, pauseInwemo and continueInwemo. For usage, see the example below.

<script src="" website_id="YOUR_WEBSITE_ID_HERE" autostart="false"></script>
              // some condition...
              // some other condition...