The Inwemo-Mission

How you can be a part of challenging the status quo.


Why challenge the status quo?

The existing possibilities for webmasters to monetize their website often have a negative impact on the user experience in the form of more and more prominent ads and the collection of personal data. Furthermore, it is observed that the content quality is often compromised by short-term objectives, which can materialize in ad spamming and clickbait.

We think the right way to improve user experience while helping webmasters to better finance valuable content is to create a completely new reward system. A reward system that is based on how much time a visitor spends on a certain website to enjoy the provided content. That is why we built a tool that enables us to build this new web culture together…


Creating an ecosystem where webmasters and users exchange value effortless

With Inwemo you can use a small part of your CPU – that is your processor’s computing capacity – to support your favorite websites while you visit them. In a process called webmining, your favorite website can use the CPU to earn a small compensation. But never without your approval.

Web culture doesn't change over night. We need your help to make this vision a reality.


You always stay in full control

Inwemo was designed with setting user-friendliness as top priority in mind.

Nothing happens without your consent

This is a huge matter for us. We will remember your decision regarding the consent for two weeks.

Change your mind at any time

Check out the FAQs at the bottom of this page to find out how easy we made it for you to turn Inwemo on or off.

Your personal data is safe

Apart from your consent decision, no personal data is collected or stored by Inwemo.


Even though our algorithm can’t determine your exact CPU utilization, we aim to never utilize more than half of your processing capacity.

Aware of your battery

Based on your remaining battery, Inwemo will power down. It will completely turn off if your battery is close to running low.

Won’t hurt your data volume

You will hardly notice Inwemo in your network traffic, even if you’re on a mobile device with a data plan.


Frequently Asked Questions

New technology comes with new questions. Please, drop us a message if you couldn't find an answer to your question in the following list.

How exactly can my CPU be monetized?
In general, there are different ways to monetize CPU capacity. At the moment Inwemo uses the CPU for the processing of transactions in the digital currency system (‘mining’). In this process, records of current cryptocurrency transactions, known as blocks, are added to the record of past transactions, known as the block chain. The cryptocurrency we are working with is called Monero. We chose Monero because it can be CPU-mined easier than other virtual currencies. We are also working on other ideas to monetize CPU capacity, e.g. by building a cloud network.
Will I see the consent on every website?
You will only see the consent on websites that implemented the Inwemo script. We will remember your decision for two weeks.
Will I see the consent everytime I visit a website that’s using Inwemo?
You will see the consent on every website that implemented the Inwemo script. In order to not disturb you during every visit, we will remember your consent decision regarding individual websites for two weeks. So you can make different decision for different websites.
I accepted the consent, but now changed my mind, what can I do?
With Inwemo Choice - our Google Chrome Extension - you can easily manage how you use Inwemo. If you don’t use Chrome, you can delete your local storage – the place where your decision is saved - to reset Inwemo. The following websites describe how to do this with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.
Why do I sometimes see a peak in my CPU utilization peaking for a few seconds just after starting Inwemo?
You may see a peak for a short moment because Inwemo is taking a few seconds to figure out what your processor is capable of. Our algorithm needs this information in order to only utilize a part of your maximum computing capacity.
Will you have access to any other parts of my computer?
No, Inwemo will solely utilize your CPU.