No Hassle

Implementing Inwemo on your website is as easy as 1-2-3

Great Performance

With regard to performance, our webminer need not fear comparison

Fair for all

Keep your users in the know with our mandatory opt-in solution

How it works


Getting started

Register to get access to your personal dashboard. Here you can generate a snippet using your unique website id.

Choose a theme for the Inwemo consent that suits your website. Embed the script to your website and you are done. From there we do the work.


Make a visitor a paying customer

Every visitor of your website can now choose to support you. If they do so, our webminer jumps in and you will earn money from the first second. The webminer utilizes the visitors CPU to process transactions in the digital currency system (‘webmining’).

Now you get paid depending on how long a user stays on your website and regardless of where a user comes from or how he navigates your website. Users will not be tracked in any way apart from their consent decision. They can even support you while using an AdBlocker.


Get paid out

The more time users spend on your site, the higher your reward - that's how we think monetization should work. Visit your personal dashboard to check your balance and the current remuneration offered for the CPU time of your users - the quoted offer will include our fee of 22,5%. You will get paid out in Monero, the cryptocurrency we are working with. We are also working on offering payouts in USD and EUR soon.

Revenue Calculator


123.5 USD

Expected monthly revenue with 75% conversion.

For Webmasters

Offer users an easy way of supporting you and build a new income stream today.

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For Users

Decide how you want to use Inwemo with one click. Check out our new Google Chrome extension.

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